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Why URLFat URL Shortener?

The URL Shortener comes with various features that makes it one of our top URL shortener.

ULRFat Shortener

The URL Shortening service is developed to short all kinds of long urls to short and custom urls.

Easy & Simple interface

The interface of the URL Shortener is user friendly and can be adopted by any newbie instantly.

Advance Site Stats

The shortener in built has URL statistics to aware you of all clicks and visits to our shortened urls.


You can convert your page html links automatically converted to short urls with our URL Shortener

Custom URL

Dont settle for default urls, you can also create you own custom urls with our link shortening service.

Mobile Optimized

Our URL Shortener is fully optimized for mobile use and is completely responsive to screens.

UrlFat Link Shortening Service

URLFat is a free Url Shortening Service that Converts long and Ugly big URL's into tiny & pretty URL's. With URLFat.com you can easily create trackable short urls to use anywhere on the web, email or Twitter. We use the most up to date sources available on the internet to block links being created for sites which may contain viruses, spam or malware. If you Register a Free Account with us you can easily Manage all your Shorten Links, Track Link Clicks, check Statistics as well as Delete your Short Urls right from your Dashboard

Developer API

While most platforms limit the amount of Short URLs you can create from your app, website or service based on day and time. We are the most robust platform to provide an unlimited usage, all for free. Just check our "Linkadda API" provided with nice documentation to use.

URLFat Joins the Team of LinkAdda

URLFat.com is acquired by LinkAdda and is therefore a part of a Global URL Shortening Network.